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Robotics Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics Fanuc
Robotics Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics Yaskawa Motoman



  • Project name: Robotic Machine Tool Loader/Unloader

  • Industry: Automotive

  • Machine make and model: Turmatic Multi-station Machining Center

  • Technology/Controls used: Motoman / Yaskawa  Robot

  • General project description: The customer wanted to replace a gantry based loader and unloader system on its machine center with a 6-axis robot. The existing gantry was unreliable and prone to frequent downtime.  A Motoman/Yaskawa robot was specified to replace the gantry in the machining cell.  IAI designed the custom End of Arm Tooling with wiring and pneumatics.  IAI dressed out the robot at our facility then shipped the system to the end customer, where it was integrated and commissioned. 

  • Unique aspects of this project: The customer desired to minimize the amount of operator training required on the new robot.  Therefore, the existing operator station had custom graphics for the old gantry with push buttons and pilot lights was retained.  The robot software was developed in such a way that it mimicked the operation of the gantry. 

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  • Project name: Robotic Tool Changer

  • Industry: Custom Machining

  • Machine make and model: Fanuc S-420iW and Ingersol 5-Axis Gantry Mill With Interchangeable Heads

  • Technology/Controls used: Fanuc R-J2 Robot Controller, Fanuc 30i CNC Machine Control

  • General project description:  The customer purchased a refurbished Fanuc Robot to be used as a tool changer for a large Ingersol Mill.  IAI wrote the robot software and CNC interface software.  IAI also reconfigured the I/O connections between the two control systems.  The above video was taken while the system was still in debug mode, and therefore running at debug speed.  Full speed of the system was much faster.

    Unique Aspects of this Project
    :  A previous integrator had attempted to get the system functional, but was unsuccessful.  IAI found and corrected several issues with the CNC retrofit of the previous integrator, as well as issues with the robot deployment.

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  • Project name: Automated Multi-Robotic Assembly Systems

  • Industry: Consumer Products

  • Machine make and model: Custom Assembly Cell

  • Technology/Controls used: 3-Motoman/Yaskawa MP5 Robots with FS100 controls, Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC and Panelview Plus HMI, 3-Cognex vision systems, and 5-Cognex barcode readers

  • General project description:  A local manufacturer needed an automated assembly cell to manufacture a consumer product.  IAI worked with a local machine builder to design a control system to operate a multi-station assembly and test cell with bar code readers, vision systems, motion systems, and multiple robots.

  • Unique aspects of this project: This was a repatriation of manufacturing that used to take place in China.  They needed to leverage advanced manufacturing in the US to compete with labor prices overseas.

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