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Indiana Automation has successfully completed hundreds of automation projects for its customers.   These projects have varied in complexity from logic modifications on existing systems, to full assembly/manufacturing cell design/build and everything in between.   Most of our projects are performed on machinery that is proprietary to the customer.  Therefore, we are not allowed to show pictures of the proprietary equipment or processes.  We have included a few pictures of non-proprietary portions of our projects and control panels.

Our engineers are proficient with control systems from Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi, Cognex, Indusoft and others.  We design and integrate control systems around PLCs (programmable logic controllers), HMIs (human machine interfaces), motion control systems, VFDs (variable frequency drives) barcode/RFID systems, Visual Basic, and machine vision systems.

Platinum spark plug welding machine 2
Platinum spark plug welding machine 1
Platinum spark plug welding machine 3
HMI Screen 1
Automated lasermarking machine
Transmission Solenoids
Torque converter vane
Torque Converter Clutch
Coating measurement 1
Coating measurement 2
Coating Measurement 3
Coating measurement 4
Power Steering Pump Part 1
Power Steering Pump Part 3
Power Steering Pump Part 2
Control Panel 1
Control Panel 2
Glue Presence
Control Panel
HMI Screen 2
Battery Tester
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